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School Leadership for Today and Tomorrow

How can administrators become 21st century leaders that ensure their schools and students thrive?

In this dynamic DVD, School Leadership for Today and Tomorrow, Dr. Steven Edwards outlines practical strategies to help administrative teams create schools that are tailored to today’s students.

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I regularly assess the effectiveness of our school/district through both quantitative and qualitative measures.

I carefully consider the long-term ramifications of all decisions.

I modify the structure of the school/district as necessary to meet students' needs.

I establish and adhere to student, faculty, staff and school-wide routines that enhance the school's district's efficiency.

I am aware of and employ a variety of management concepts and theories in running the school/district.

I involve outside experts, when appropriate, to assist in achieving our school's/district's mission.


We do more than just raise test scores.

You don’t need more resources; you need results. Edwards Educational Services, Inc. brings out the best in schools and students with practical, data-driven strategies that deliver measurable change. We create engaged student achievers and leaders though programs specifically tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your students, teachers, administrators, and districts. You already have what it takes to succeed; we’ll show you how.
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