Dropout Prevention

We provide the platform for engaging students at risk for school failure by incorporating 21st Century Skills that develop self-awareness, self development and social responsibility.  For the past 10 years, Steve Edwards has been a Board Member of the National Dropout Prevention Network, the number one source for research and best practices for reducing the dropout rate in America.  Steve also heads the committee for Research and Best Practices for Dropout Prevention for NDPC.  He is also a featured keynote speaker and expert on the topic of reducing the dropout rates in schools.

Our Dropout Prevention Blueprint for Continuous Improvement:

  • Helps your faculty and staff identify those students who are at-risk then builds a framework for designing tiered interventions
  • Examines existing school policies and provides the platform for modification to existing policies and procedures that enable all students to succeed
  • Establishes a school culture that encourages positive relationships among faculty, students, parents and the community
  • Creates transition programs incorporating 21st Century Tools that address students’ social, emotional and academic needs
  • Facilitates communities of practice to combat substance abuse in youth by focusing on prevention and treatment

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Contact us for more information on how our effective multi-tiered process on reducing dropout rates that we’ve used in districts around the country can be implemented in your school/district.